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A Contagious Medicine

Blog by Lukas Hermann


A contagious medicine

It was a cold yet sunny day when we walked through central park in New York. Our task was simple:

Find someone who is willing to make a picture of you with his or her camera and send it to you. We

tried to single out tourists since they would be naturally open and friendly, and it worked. We could

help them as well by making pictures of them and giving them some kind words. But I had no idea

that this day I would be the one blessed by someone … someone by whom I did never expect it from.

He was standing under a bridge, very inconspicuous. The only reason I noticed him was because he

asked a short “How are you” as we went by. “Good” was my answer, “You are playing the violin?” I

asked, taking a look upon his violin case. “Starting in a few moments” was his answer which I heard

behind me while moving on. But something in me wanted to go back to this guy under the bridge

who just looked like a homeless. Why? I don’t know.

So we went back, and stood there, and listened to his violin music while all the other people behind

us would just pass by. His playing was beautiful. We started chatting and something amazed me

about him, his joy was simply contagious. He told us about some of his experiences, how many

people are taking pictures of him, how people, out of their whole stay in New York would especially

remember him to be special, how people would send him pictures if himself playing the violin in

central park, drawings, artistic works, and how someone would even come to New York just to see

him playing the violin in Central Park. I was awe struck. I just wanted spend time in his presence. And

as I offered him money he told me, that he didn’t expect that, he just comes here to make people


(Proverbs 17:22) “A cheerful heart is a good medicine” says the Bible, at the same time it is very

contagious. This, I thought by myself, is like a Christian should be. A contagious medicine …

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