“Are you okay?”

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“Are you okay?”

Blog by Alveena Pillay

We walked into a mall and after “window shopping” I felt the need to walk into a store and walk directly to the counter. The lady behind the counter had tears streaming down her face and even though I caught her off guard, she wiped them away as quickly as possible and smiled and asked me how she can assist me.
I could have easily asked my question and then walked away and kept out of her business, but that wouldn’t be me reflecting Christ.

I leaned over the counter to touch her hand and looked into her eyes and asked her if she was okay? Again, I looked at her name tag and asked…Monique are you okay? She smiled and answered “Not really, I am not feeling well” She explained to me the symptoms and I listened. I asked her if there was any possibility that she could go home and she explained to me that she could not go home early. I opened my backpack and handed her a pack of tissues and some gum. In my backpack I also found some Vitamin C drops and handed those to her too. She was completely taken aback that a complete stranger was being so kind to her. She thanked me so many times and asked me why I was concerned about her? To which I replied, because I was asked too, she looked at me and after a few seconds of silence thanked me again and said “God Bless You” to which I replied,” Monique God Bless You too and I told her that I will be praying that she feels better.

I understand that not everyone would feel comfortable talking to a stranger about being sick, but how many of us actually notice the cashier’s face or mood, how many of us take the time to say hello and use their name, how many of us are willing to take just 5 minutes from our hectic schedules to ask them “are you okay?”
Jesus showed genuine concern with people that He came into contact with, from feeding the hungry, healing the sick, caring for the needy…I am most certain that He always stopped and asked people “Are you okay?”

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