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Compassion is About Others

Blog by Josh Wood.


It is interesting how the smallest things can make the biggest difference. Since I arrived in New York City I have seen more deliberate acts of compassion than I have ever experienced before. Perhaps it is because I am part of a project that aims to meet people’s needs. Perhaps it is because I am working with an organisation that has such a reputation in the community for showing compassion, perhaps it is because I have begun to work in areas that have been directly affected by a natural disaster. Yet through this I have met one of the most inspirational young people in the community of Far Rockaway, New York.


Ariel is a 14year old girl whose family was directly affected by Hurricane Sandy. Her family had to flee from the area as water rushed into their basement, their street and their whole community. Upon their return Ariel was touched by the fact her young brothers friend had lost his prized possessions. So Ariel set about sourcing a new piece to ensure that through this tragedy a little boy could find some hope. “Survivor Silver Lining” was a page set up on Facebook and is now managing donations and distribution of some pretty small items, along with some pretty big items. From lego, to colouring books to Play Stations and X-Box’s, Ariel has become somewhat of a community celebrity.


And all this because she saw a need and set out to do something about it!


Compassion isn’t about self, it’s about others! It’s about showing compassion, being compassionate and living compassionately! If a 14 year old school girl can make such a huge difference imagine what you could do?