Coming From Your Heart, to Your Home, Church, Community, and City!

Compassion is preaching with our actions, because actions speak louder than words. It is the new lifestyle of a generation of Adventist youth and young adults who have the same priorities of Jesus and want to live a life filled with His love and kindness for humanity and all creation. It is a movement initiated in the Northeast of the United States and the Islands of Bermuda with the objective to influence teach, encourage, and provide opportunities for youth, young adults, in the church and its community, here and potentially worldwide, to practice the compassion that Jesus lived daily.

My Life

“My Life”

There are quotation marks around our lives. What we are saying with our lives makes a difference to others. We may not say a word but what we do speaks volumes. Let the volume of our actions be louder than the volume of our words. The world would [...]

I Thirst…

Jesus had been on the cross for some six hours. The blood vessels in His body were almost dried up. Fever raged though Him. His was tongue now parched and cleaved to His jaw. The spiritual desolation expressed as He cried, “My God, my God, why has thou forsaken [...]

A Contagious Medicine

Blog by Lukas Hermann


A contagious medicine

It was a cold yet sunny day when we walked through central park in New York. Our task was simple:

Find someone who is willing to make a picture of you with his or her camera and send it to you. We

tried to single out tourists [...]

Compassion comes from the heart of Jesus

Compassion comes from the heart of Jesus by Pernille Rasmussen
As I began to think about compassion, I was at first looking for good experiences where I have shown compassion to others. But once again I realized that first of all, I am not the giver of compassion, but [...]

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